Top 5 Animated Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now

Movies mean different things to different people. When you hear the words top animated movies, you might remember those Disney animations from your childhood, or your mind might wonder towards adaptations of your favorite comic book stories. The animation is a category that allows a broad range of stories- some for kids, some for adults and some for everyone. This is an excellent way to experience a fantasy world and the events which are impossible to act out by actors. Here are our suggestions for animations to stream on Netflix right now:

5.) Zootopia (2016) :

Zootopia is a city where both predator and prey have learned to live together. A rabbit (Judy Hopps) has to flee her carrot farm upbringing in order to pursue her dreams of becoming a police officer in the city of Zootopia. She wants to fight the prejudice that a rabbit is not fit to become a police officer because it is small and weak. In this process, she has to hook up with a con-man fox to uncover a kidnapping case. It is a complex film portraying racial tensions and stereotypes, and it never fails to entertain.

4.) Chicken Run (2000) :

It is a prison break film. Set in a chicken farm in England of 1950s. Two chickens are in love, but they want freedom. They make an escape plan, and they want other chickens to escape too when they learn that the owners of the farm are moving from egg business to chicken pot pie business. In this brilliant film, you have chicken doing absurd things, with brilliant funny dialogue and sweet engaging story. This is a true homage to prison break films, with a lot of action.

3.) April and the Extraordinary World (2015) :

In a radically different world, France is being ruled by Napoleon V and scholars and scientists have been disappearing mysteriously. Mankind lives without electricity, radio, television, and planes and is dominated by coal and steam. In this world, young April, her cat Darwin, and a scoundrel Julius go off in search of April’s parents, two of the scientists who went missing. This film is beautifully drawn and has a flawless, charming animation with an interesting storyline. It has science fiction, dystopia, and emotions and it has a message for girls- to follow their dreams.

2.) Minions(2015):

The cute guys from Despicable Me have their very own film. And why not, they have been around since the beginning of time, and they have ruled internet since the beginning of this decade. These are the guys who have been saving the bad guys and then causing their death- accidentally. In this film, minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by a supervillain, to take over the world. It is a good family movie with a toddler level humor. If you aren’t bored of memes of these cute guys on the internet, you should watch this film.

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1.) Anomalisa (2015) :

If you love cinema, then Anomalisa is your film. Directed by Charlie Kaufman, the guy who wrote ‘Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind’, this is not an average animation film. It is a weird, yet powerful and amazing film about human beings and their relationships. It is a thought-provoking gem, with insights on a human soul. To watch it, you have to stop understanding the film and surrender to its charm and emotional tensions. It is neither a drama nor a comedy- it is a dramedy.

Besides these, there are other options available, like The Little Prince (2015), The Prince of Egypt (1998) and the Oscar-winning Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

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