Top 5 Action Movies to Watch On Netflix

When it comes to movies, action movies most definitely thrills everybody and is the most-watched genre even on the internet. It presents a unique style that is appealing and interesting and always makes one glued to the screen at all time. Netflix is home to a number of the best action movies from Kungfu, military films to swashbuckling. These movies are highly choreographed with dramatic fight scenes and explosion-filled spectacles. Most certainly, these movies use an action to come up with the plot. Among the best five action movies you can stream on Netflix include:

Men In Black

This is a 1997 movie that involves the all-time funny, witty and strong Will Smith that uses his skills and talent to make the movie interesting. It is a comedy and action movie where Prince Smith and Tommy Lee Jones take up the roles of Secret Government agents tasked with patrolling the underground alien presence on Earth. They are guarding the world against a giant cockroach that could cause the end of the world. It is currently Netflix’s funniest and exciting movie.

13 Assassins

This is an action movie that depicts the scaring and most chilling sword battles you will never see anywhere else blended with weaponized burning bulls. It is a fight for power that features Japanese Samurais who want to assassinate a strong leader to take the throne.

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Hot Fuzz

Nicholas Angel is a loner super cop who gets reassigned to a much safer town but all he can do on his new assignment is just eat ice cream and chase after a dastardly swan with Nick Frost his new partner until bodies start piling up. Nicholas, known as Simon Pegg in the movie, becomes a master of comedy in the movie that portrays crime, fun and the trials and tribulations that the law enforcers undergo while maintaining order. This movie doesn’t mostly rely on a callback to put forward a layered story with the pair presenting us with the funniest scenes in the movie.

Red Cliff

This is a 2009 movie of the Han Dynasty which is full of action and suspense. In the movie, John Woo makes a return to China precisely during the end of the Han Dynasty. He leaves behind bullet ballets and crafts an ancient epic full of romance, ambitious battle sequence and ultimately the backstabbing. This movie was positively received in China and is currently among the most-watched action movies on Netflix.

Skin Trade

Dolph Lundgren, a skilled, strong, talented and known action film actor stars in the movie that revolves around human trafficking. Dolph uses intensive skills and knowledge to solves certain problems in the movie that makes it interesting and worth watching. This movie gets even more interesting as you watch Lundgren and Tony Jah beat the bad guys to restore sanity and complete the mission. The movie attracts a lot of viewers on Netflix and is among the best.

These are so far the five best action movies to watch on Netflix that is full of drama, action, suspense, and the best scenes. With these and other movies, Netflix is no doubt home to the best movies.

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