Best 5 Netflix Original Shows Right Now

The never-ending craze of Netflix has continued to grow and rule the digital entertainment world. Are you one of those junkies who can spend hours watching Netflix shows? Or wait! Do you know what Netflix is all about? Well, to give an idea, Netflix is the online video streaming service providing entertainment to online users through Netflix website or Netflix App on the PCs, laptops, and Smartphone or tablets. Have a look Best 5 Netflix shows right now.

1. Stranger Things 

A top-rated show “Stranger Things” on Netflix is one of the most popular shows right now ruling the Netflix streaming. The show is all about revisiting your childhood in a fantasy of discovering some exciting things by a group of kiddos. The story is shown to be happening in the 1980s in a small town. It begins normally with a group of kids who go on a search for their missing friend. But it gets interesting when the kids discover some of the amazing secrets by scientists in a laboratory out of the town. The series is full of drama, friendship, warmth, surprising explorations, science fiction, and fantasy characters! One of the out of box stories right now on the Netflix!

2. Marvel’s The Defenders 

Love Marvel’s comic series? Then this show is a must for you! The Defenders is the union of the four heroes who don’t know each other. The four heroes from the previous Netflix series Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron fist are united into an unbeatable team of superheroes in The Defenders’. Can you imagine what will happen next after the union of four! Yes! You are right. Get set ready for a new adventure with the superheroes against the evil forces. The series is all about how these Marvel adventurers fight evils and save New York

3. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a complete Meraki by Netflix and it is one of top-rated Netflix shows right now. The story features a hero primarily for the crimes he commits! Then why a hero? Well, as you will watch the show you will know how a complete family man enters into a bad world all for good reasons. It has won several prime time awards for featuring an exceptional story of criminal life. To make his family financially fit, a gentleman enters the dark world to distribute the pure crystal meth on the streets.

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4. Orange Is The New Black

As the names suggests the story begins with a girl who is sent to prison. The show has won the dozens of Emmy nominations. The show outlines Piper Kerman’s memoir. The show has extremely realistic incidents of how a life in prison is for women. It features the experiences of Piper at FCI Danbury, a prison with minimum security. The show is criticized by some of the critics, but it surely holds the power to scratch your head for the way it reveals the real experiences.

5. 13 Reasons Why

The show is a collection of drama, thrill, mystery, and confusions aroused by the suicide of a college student. It revolves around a group of friends who are in suspect of being involved in the suicide case. It is surely interesting to watch how investigations change the lives of these college students. The secrets are unfolding why the girl committed suicide and hence it’s named as 13 reasons. The circumstances faced by the innocent provoking her to commit suicide are revealed as the story moves on.

So, If you are looking for some of the amazing stories to watch, go right away and surf Netflix for these five masterpieces!

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