List of Top 10 Android Movie Apps (Free)

Streaming has become one of the most used ways to watch the latest movies and TV shows, as they are released. It provides the user instant access to the latest content as soon as they are available on the web and you can enjoy them at your comfort, on any device that has an internet access. When you check this article about the streaming industry you can clearly see that the number of people that stream movies keeps on increasing as it provides several considerable advantages over cinemas. Some of the advantages of streaming includes pause and resume capability, portability, time considerate, amongst others. As the number of people making use of streaming services increases, the number of applications that provide streaming services also seems to be increasing. Apps like Netflix and Amazon prime are popular and are some of the most used streaming services, however, in order to get maximum satisfaction from these apps, you would require a subscription. The fee may be affordable, but just in case you are seeking something entirely free, here is a list of ten of the best free streaming services available on android platform:

  • CRACKLE: More popularly known as Sony Crackle, is a movie streaming app by Sony pictures, and subsequently features a lot of movies from the studio. There are movies and TV shows from other studios available on the app as well and it doesn’t require any subscription from you, rather, revenue to maintain the service is generated from Ads that are displayed on the app. The app is legal, free and available for download on the android Playstore.
  • HOOPLA DIGITAL: This app provides an added advantage as it is more than just a streaming service. It is a digital library that consists of EBooks, Audio books, music and Movies and are all available for free. This app is known for having some movies that are difficult to find on other apps, whether because they are too old or they are R-rated. The app is available to download on the website or on the android Playstore and it is completely free.
  • HOTSTAR: This option is for the fans of Bollywood industry. There are thousands of movies from Bollywood available on this app, and the content are available to anyone who downloads the app, and it doesn’t require any additional sign-in or registration. Once you download the app, you simply surf till you find what you are looking for, and you relax and enjoy. The app is available on the official website as well as the android Playstore.

  • KODI: Kodi works a little bit differently from normal streaming sites. The movies have to be downloaded in to Kodi firstly, before you can watch them. This provides the added advantage of watching offline, so you can obtain the movie when you have the opportunity and save it to watch at a later time. The app provides access to a wide range of movie and TV shows that feature classic movies as well as new releases. The app is free for download and usage and it is available in the android Playstore and on the Kodi website.
  • SNAGFILMS: One of most diverse movie streaming apps available with diversity in different categories including language. The app feature movies from different parts of the world, and in different languages, providing a different variety then what you may be used to. There is also a consideration for the LGBTQ society, as there are lesbian and gay movies available on the app, and all these content are available for free.
  • YIDIO: This option is interesting because, the app itself has no actual database or storage of movies and TV shows, rather, the app serves as a host for channels that serve this purpose. There are over 70 channels on this platform and each channel can offer up different content, making the app filled with movies and TV show across different genres and categories. The app is free for download and can be found on the android Playstore.
  • ROKU: The Roku app doesn’t actually offer movies or TV shows, but gives you control to your Roku hardware which you can attach to your television. This option is only viable for those who have already purchased a Roku device, as the app gives you remote access to the content on the device and a lot more, all for free, and at your convenience. The app can be downloaded on the Roku official website.

  • MOVIE BOX: The free app offers you a lot of great content, and there is a pro option for those who wish to extend the experience. With an impressive database, featuring recent and older movies, the movie box app give you a platform to stream and download movies via your android phone, all for free, but you will have to sign in using your google account to access all these content.
  • UNDER ANIME: The name should provide sufficient information as to the content available on this app. For those fans of anime, this is a great choice of streaming app, as the app is updated daily with new content and releases, giving you a chance to keep up with your favorite animes. There are also collections of older animes, so you can binge watch some of the most popular anime titles, all from the comfort of your android phone. The app is available on amazon and you can also download it via google, for free.
  • SHOW BOX: The usage of this app is probably the highest on this list. Filled with an impressive list of content, with regular updates, ensuring you can keep up to date with your favorite movies and TV show, the app also provides an option to download movies, so you can watch them at a later time. The app is however not available on the android Playstore but can be searched via google.

Some of you may be thinking, “What if I use an iPhone?” Not to worry. There are tons of free movie apps for iPhone and you can install and use them easily.

Alienware AW3418DW Gaming Monitor: The Best Gaming Monitor

Gaming experience has never been made this fun, interactive, vivid, and great. Get Alienware AW3418DW Gaming Monitor, a CES 2018 innovation awards honoree winner in computer peripherals and take your gaming experience to another level. This 34-inch dell monitor is the best gaming monitor out there. It is designed to enhance every gaming experience with incredible features that make you lose yourself in every game.

Features of Alienware AW3418DW Gaming Monitor:

The 34-inch screen has a radius of 1900 curved infinity screen display and a ratio of 21:9. This feature maximizes your view field reducing your eye movement to enable you to stay focused and comfortable on the game for long making every vantage point epic.

  • Creative futuristic design:

The Alienware AW3418DW gaming monitor accessories have been built to enhance and give you an exhilarating gaming experience as you go deeper into the game.It has a polished premium silver finish and an unearthly glow of Triad lighting that gives the monitor a sophisticated quality look that is unparalleled. Moreover, the monitor has a three-sided ultra-thin bezel that helps to maximize performance and dissipate heat for 34-inch expansive screen space.

  • The monitor has a fast refresh rate of 120Hz with a response time of 4ms which increase performance.

With this monitor, you will minimize display stutter and input lag, and eliminate game screen tearing giving you the fastest, smoothest, and breathtaking gaming experience you can ever have, making it the best gaming monitor. This has been made possible by NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.· High resolution and clear color production; the Alienware AW3418DW Gaming Monitor delivers crystal clear and sharp graphics with 3.68 megapixels due to its resolution display of 3440×1400 WQHD. Moreover, with it, you will have detailed and amazing vivid color reproduction anywhere in your room. So, you will be able to see every image more vividly giving you the best gaming monitor experience.

  • Custom lighting effects:

The monitor has 4 customizable AlienFX zones that let you personalize your mouse, monitor, and keyboard enhancing your gaming experience. It is meant to bring you closer to the world of your games making the experience more real, and the great part is that you can download or create unique game themes effortlessly. ·

  • Connectivity options:

The Alienware AW3418DW Gaming Monitor is well packed with connectivity options from HDMI port, USB upstream port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, display port, a line-out port, power cable connector and a USB port with power charging. This increases your gaming and connectivity experience.


Is The Alienware AW3418DW  the best gaming monitor? Yes. It was designed to cut off competition and gives you the best gaming experience you could ever imagine with fast response times, clear imagines with high resolution, superior lighting effects, loud inbuilt speakers and G-Sync to smoothens things all the time. What makes Alienware AW3418DW Gaming Monitor stands out is its superior design in performance and aesthetic features. It has an overclocked 120Hz refresh rate with a response time of 4ms giving smoothest and fastest game experience without screen tearing due to its NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

Moreover, it’s 21:9 ratio and curved features enable you to have a better game field view increasing your concentration and completely immersing you in the game. Moreover, the monitor produces high-quality vivid images, which reveal every small detail clearly. If not the best gaming monitor, Alienware AW3418DW Gaming Monitor is among the top-rated ones and deserves to be in your room if you love gaming.